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Frozen Gothic by uxv
Frozen Gothic
Here's my entry into :icon1angel0wings1:'s Disney clothing contest.

Just Disney's Frozen sisters with a gothic twist, a basic idea once you think of it, though I don't remember seeing much of it around here ;P.
ALL Frozen shippers (download full) by uxv
ALL Frozen shippers (download full)
The sky is awake with all the Frozen shippers :D.

This is a visualization of all deviants whose deviations come up in DA search for the ship name, their shipping preference and relationships between them.

The wealth of a deviant is based on number of deviations, the faves and watches they have. The wealthier, the bigger the star on the picture. I've also tried to order them so that friends are close to each other, but that's difficult, so it's not always the case. Download full to see all the details (15 MB).

There's also a searchable version of the picture. Once you open that link, just hit CTRL+F (or use your browser's search function) and type your DA username to see if you're in there :D.

Here's some interesting stats:

Deviations from 27 Nov 2013 to 11 Feb 2015.
Number of shippers: 3,310, based on 11,905 shipping deviations (deviations not displayed).
Number of friendships used for positioning: 67,169 (around 5k displayed).

The wealthiest shippers
  (based on number of deviations, faves and watches)

  (5,603 deviations, 1,975 deviants, ship wealth 7,724,429 points)
    1. Lime-Hael with 226,396 points (Queen of Jelsa)
    2. angeltorchic with 209,296 points
    3. frozenblume with 81,040 points
    4. toxic-canadian with 80,271 points
    5. DiWine-Waro with 78,144 points
  (4,248 deviations, 850 deviants, ship wealth 6,389,775 points)
    1. ASAMESHII with 251,784 points (Queen of Elsanna)
    2. LORELEI-LilyPrincess with 208,967 points
    3. jungie14295 with 161,998 points
    4. Mion-93 with 149,607 points
    5. Shizuru1412 with 144,691 points
  (1,437 deviations, 311 deviants, ship wealth 1,479,158 points)
    1. lisuli79 with 115,192 points (Queen of Helsa)
    2. wintrydrop with 96,254 points
    3. Milady666 with 77,696 points
    4. Simmeh with 61,630 points
    5. calenheniel with 41,999 points
  (1,088 deviations, 445 deviants, ship wealth 1,698,580 points)
    1. NightLiight with 138,400 points (Queen of Kristanna)
    2. LovelyRugby with 83,151 points
    3. afixerupperhere with 77,553 points
    4. MitsouParker with 73,349 points
    5. godohelp with 57,839 points
  (333 deviations, 147 deviants, ship wealth 396,580 points)
    1. naomi-makes-art73 with 92,571 points (Queen of Hanna)
    2. BASTAFUNK with 24,925 points
    3. Simmeh with 15,664 points
  (210 deviations, 29 deviants, ship wealth 105,858 points)
    1. Simmeh with 38,508 points (Queen of Hansoff)
    2. maybelletea with 10,000 points
    3. Maby-chan with 8,000 points
  (133 deviations, 33 deviants, ship wealth 94,581 points)
    1. maybelletea with 20,185 points (Queen of Kristelsa)
    2. LilFloralGirl with 19,149 points
    3. cyndercrys with 9,062 points

Best friends
  1. shishiyoukai and lisuli79 with 1,326 points
  2. shishiyoukai and Jujubesca with 1,016 points
  3. lisuli79 and calenheniel with 888 points
  4. shishiyoukai and Rohad with 642 points
  5. shishiyoukai and MnLvK with 600 points

Most deviations
  1. angeltorchic with 318
  2. Simmeh with 308
  3. AppleTopFP with 194
  4. Shizuru1412 with 128
  5. Popcornpeep123 with 123

Most friends
  1. Carriejokerbates with 1,047
  2. VampanezeLordess with 1,001
  3. STITCH62633 with 791
  4. NightLiight with 758
  5. Happy-fun0-0 with 706
ALL Frozen shipping art (download full) by uxv
ALL Frozen shipping art (download full)
This is an infographic containing all DA art dealing with shipping based on Disney's Frozen - view full for 50x50px thumbnails of each deviation (15MB download).

Yes, your deviation is in there too, somewhere :D. At least probably, because it depends on whether your artwork will show up when searching DA for the ship name. AFAIK the ship name has to be in the title/tags/description/groups, but I'm not sure. It's also possible some deviations are included despite having nothing to do with the ship, so take the selection with a grain of salt ;P.

Can you find your deviation Luffy Anime Emoji (Big grin) [V3] ?
(or tell me the name of the deviation and I'll tell you where to look)
r9kElsa is ignoring Anna by uxv
r9kElsa is ignoring Anna
So I finally got around to reading the famous r9kElsa is Suffering fanfic.

Here's Anna's POV - she drew her sister the way Elsa spent all her time - sitting at her computer, trying to ignore Anna's existence.

I tried to draw it so that you can just barely see Elsa's loneliness and sadness. Can you see it?
Aki for Hyomi by uxv
Aki for Hyomi
Just a little birthday present for the amazing :iconhyomiart:. This is her wonderful OC Aki, from the :icondeviousconfections: group.

Happy birthday Hyomi, I hope you like it :D.


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